Insurance Industry

Are you ready to take your insurance application to the next level? Bring the presentation layer of your application into a management infrastructure that allows you to edit the flow, add fields to your application and adapt to changes in the way you are doing business or are forced to do business easily and quickly.

Traditionally developed applcations mostly require a down time of your servers if you have to change an error message, add a couple of fields on a form that have to be captured, etc. When you treat your application presentation layer as content in a CMS, all those tasks are as easy as adding a new page to your current website. If developed correctly, new features can be activated in production like a new web page instead of a teadius deploy cycle that brings your production servers down and involves a lot of man hours to complete.

edocs - pdf distribution and form management

Are you using PDF forms with your customers so they can fill in the data you need electronically? PDF forms and Acrobat Reader have a big downside: unless the customer buys Adobe Acrobat Professional, the filled out form can not be saved. The customer can only print it and then fax/scan it and send it to you.

We offer a simple solution to this problem: - your agents can share a PDF file online with your customer and the customer can fill in the data for the PDF form directly on the web site, no PDF reader needed. At any time the customer can save the filled out form and continue at a later time and still gets  the option to print out the filled in form.

On the flip side, your agents have access to the filled out form and can help the customer fill in all the necessary information and see how far the customer got.

Healthcare Open Enrollment

If you are offering open enrollment to your employees you may consider our open enrollment platform. Tailored to your insurance offerings, provide our platform to your employees as a SaaS service or inhouse. Contact us for a demonstration and more information.

Agency TrackIt

Track your book and the commissions for your agents. TrackIt allows you to track the commissions you will be paying out to your agents - manage your book online, keep up to date, forcast and reports all at your fingertips.

Modules for the Magnolia CMS

Check out our modules for the magnolia content management system and get going with your own website quickly.

KonaKart Partner

We are now an official KonaKart implementation partner. Take your website to the next level and add a fully functional, easy  to configure shopping solution to your site.