Custom Development

headwire can help you with your custom software development project. We augment your team to help you achieve your goals in your java application development or we fully develop the solution for you based on your specifications. The headwire team has a solid understanding of the insurance and film industry as well as other vertical markets. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Application Security

Is your team struggling to deliver a secure, customer facing application? Are you confident that the application you are just about to launch is secure and not exposing confidential data? Let us help you by assessing the current application security of your project and if necessary guide your developers to produce a more secure and robust application.

Architecture Assessments

In today's outsourced world, it's important that the distributed teams build what is initially defined. We help you assess the software architecture approach proposed by your development team and monitor the progress of the development for you to make sure what was initially agreed upon is also delivered from an software architecture standpoint.

Modules for the Magnolia CMS

Check out our modules for the magnolia content management system and get going with your own website quickly.

KonaKart Partner

We are now an official KonaKart implementation partner. Take your website to the next level and add a fully functional, easy  to configure shopping solution to your site.