Magnolia & KonaKart

Meet Magnolia and KonaKart - two best in breed applications in the java open source CMS and Shopping Cart world. Both applications are great and provide a powerful featureset.

Together they form a great solution to build a sales driven website - KonaKart for the shopping experience and Magnolia to provide a feature rich website. 

The challenge is to integrate them into one, making them look like one site. KonaKart provides a SOAP API to integrate with 3rd party systems such as a CMS with the down side that the view of the whole solution has to be redeveloped.

The Magnolia KonaKart module takes a different route and merges the two applications into one. All functionality provided by KonaKart is directly available within the Magnolia CMS as paragraphs. You get full control of the KonaKart view within Magnolia and can use any component you like anywhere on your site.


Watch a quick video on the Magnolia/KonaKart integration.


Needed tools

Make sure ant 1.6+ is available in order to execute the ant script to build this module.



If you are already familiar with Magnolia, we'd like to point out that this is a merge of the two projects and not just a regular module that is added to magnolia. So please follow the below steps in order to get a running version of Magnolia with KonaKart up and running. If you're not yet familiar with magnolia, just follow the steps and you should get your site up and running quickly.

Install KonaKart
Download and install KonaKart for their website. When this document was written, KonaKart 5.0 was the current version. Future versions may be supported, we will update this document accordingly.

Follow the installation steps provided by KonaKart - make sure you have one of the supported databases available and a target database created when going through the installation.

Download Magnolia WAR
This version of the KonaKart module support Magnolia 4.3.6 and has not been tested with other versions of magnolia.

Download the WAR file at the given URL:

Make the KonaKartMagnolia war file
In the root folder of the module, modify the file to point to your installation of KonaKart and the download location of the magnolia war file

In a command line window or the shell, execute ant to run the build.xml file found in the root folder of the module.

This produces a magnoliakonakart.war file in the dist directory that contains all the modifications necessary to run the applications together as one. You can now deploy the war file to your application server.

Once you bootstrapped the magnolia instance, please go to the filters configuration and move the konakart filter above the login filter. This is necessary for the struts integration to run correctly. We are not able to bootstrap that configuration in the right location at this time, a fix for this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Installation of the HWt4m Templating Kit
To use headwire templating for magnolia with KonaKart, bootstrap the hwt4m module found at and also download the hwt4mkonakartwebsite.xml and hwt4mkonakartconfig.xml files. Import these files at the approriate locations in magnolia and use the repalce nodes with same id option when you do so.

(config/modules/konakart and website/)

Explore your KonaKart by going to http://localhost:port/magnoliakonakart/home or if you have the templating module installed http://localhost:port/magnoliakonakart/site/home


The Magnolia KonaKart module is offered as a dual licensed component under the CCPL license ( and the headwire commercial license. Use of the CCPL licensed version is permitted in conjunction with the LGPL version of KonaKart and the GPL version of Magnolia. If the KonaKart module is used with an enterprise version of either product the headwire commercial license is required. Please contact us for more information about the commercial version of the license. 

Modules for the Magnolia CMS

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KonaKart Partner

We are now an official KonaKart implementation partner. Take your website to the next level and add a fully functional, easy  to configure shopping solution to your site.