Adobe CQ4 and CQ5

Day Communique 4 and 5, the leading closed source CMS based on the open JCR standard and the Apache Sling architecture is well suited for any largescale web project. We provided trained staff with experience in communique for your project to be a success.

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Rebranding of CQ5

Due to the purchase of Day by Adobe, the CQ5 product has been rebranded to WEM (Web Expereince Management) on top of the ADEP platform. At this point, new projects still should use CQ5.4 since the WEM module for ADEP has not been released. Adobe is promising a smooth transition to ADEP in the future for CQ5.4 implementations.

Modules for the Magnolia CMS

Check out our modules for the magnolia content management system and get going with your own website quickly.

KonaKart Partner

We are now an official KonaKart implementation partner. Take your website to the next level and add a fully functional, easy  to configure shopping solution to your site.