Your website is an important tool to your company's success. A content mangement system puts the information on your website at your fingertips and allows you to better communicate to your visitors and change the message depending on the market changes.

If you are running your own web applications make sure the presentation layer is fully integrated into your content management system - don't struggle in the future when you update your website and the design of your old customer facing applications take too much effort to adopt to the current look and feel.

At headwire, we use content management systems that are based on an open standard for your data access. Make sure you ask about about JCR and what it means for your content.

More about our prefered content management systems can be found at the vendors website.

Magnolia - An open source content management system based on JCR with a rich Web2.0 style user interface.

Day CQ4/5 - Closed source content management system, now part of the Adobe familiy of products.

Modules for Content Management Systems by headwire

We offer a set of modules that make the development of a website easier. Build on a website template library instead of creating a new template, integrate your site with faceboook, add a  shopping cart with payment options to your CMS by adding one of our modules to your system.

For day CRX users, we also offer a simple microCMS to get started with CRX quickly and get a website or a webapplication going in no time.

See the full list of our modules.

Modules for the Magnolia CMS

Check out our modules for the magnolia content management system and get going with your own website quickly.

KonaKart Partner

We are now an official KonaKart implementation partner. Take your website to the next level and add a fully functional, easy  to configure shopping solution to your site.