Twitter Bootstrap CQ

Templating Module for Adobe CQ5.5 based on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework

For a detailed description about this module please download the full description document.

The twitter bootstrap framework is a basic grid system with jquery integration to build websites. This document describes an integration of the twitter bootstrap framework into Adobe CQ5.5 as a basis for templates within the WCMS.

By using the twitter bootstrap framework within Adobe CQ your is quickstarted to be a best of breed modern website. Features of the framework include (but are not limited to)

·         Reflow for mobile devices
the content is stacked differently depending on your screensize

·         Tested with a multitude of browsers
Your site is more likely to be compatible with older browsers and the latest and greatest with good degradation of features depending on the browser

·         Out of the box features that every website needs

o    JQuery Integration

o    Modal Dialog Boxes

o    Slideshow

o    Tabs

o    Piles and Stacks

o    Fancy Buttons and Button Bars

o    Enhanced form Fields

o    Stacked Menu on Mobile devices and small Screens

For more information about the twitter bootstrap grid system please visit

More Information

For more information about the Adobe CQ twitter bootstrap integration provided by headwire please contact

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